European Tugowners Association Virtual Conference

Written by Century Marine on 23rd November 2020

Steve Dougal moderating ETA Vitual Conference

This year's European Tugowners Association Autumn Conference had to be held as a virtual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This year's topic for discussion was "Towards a (more) resilient and greener future"  - The changing world of the tug sector in a time of COVID and the future we can anticipate.

A total of 81 delegates virtually attended to see the opening statement by ETA Chairman Kimmo Lehto.  Our very own Steve Dougal was acting as the moderator and introduced the discussion.  

The first part of the discussion allowed us to see how companies had had to change and what their experiences had been through 2020.   Contributions were made from Svitzer, Boluda Corporación Marítima, Damen and Redwise.  Even though this year has been very difficult for companies the tone was upbeat.

In the second part - Looking to the Future -  Mr Jorgen Bjerre, Deputy head of Unit DG Move European Commission outlined the new EU policy landscape triggered by the European Green Deal, which will require that transport emissions are cut by 90 % by 2050.  He described the many funding opportunities that the sector will have in order to adopt greener and smarter technologies and to adapt to the new EU requirements. 

 The Secretary General of Freeport and Sanmar also outlined what their respective companies are doing to work greener and provide greener vessels.

If you wish to know more of what the European Tugwowners Association does please go to the ETA website.







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